living for something bigger than me

December 16, 2007 at 5:42 am (Search for Significance)

Life…when life is good, not many questions arise. Security, peace and comfort are easily felt. But when life gets a little difficult, maybe not necessarily bad, but when things are just different than expected, its hard to remember the security, peace and comfort that were once felt so easily. Books such as 2 Kings are filled of stories of ups and downs in the Kingdoms of Israel and Judea. Kingdoms who had kings who obeyed the Lord, and ones who disobeyed the Lord. Over and over the prevelant theme is that the Lord’s plan will sustain. There were kings who sought after the Lord with all their hearts, and there were kings who worshiped other gods, sacrificed children and practiced sorcery. The Lord’s plan was carried out in the midst of the turmoil of His land, His people. 1 Chronicles goes on to finish the story, on how even though God’s plan led His disobedient children into captivity, He is still following His unconditional covenant and has not left them.

So I think of my life today, if the grace and mercy of God is ever sustaining, and His plan is all encompassing, what is my life about? Do I live my life in such a way as I am always resting in the security, peace and comfort of His Gospel, or am I allowing outside things of this world to affect my security, peace and comfort?

Dr. Paul Tripp, a Counseling professor at Westminister Theological Seminary, has written a book called A Quest for More: Living for Something Bigger Than You. While I have not had time to completely read this book, due to a stack of other books I am reading, along with studying for my greek final, I have noticed some questions that were raised in the book, which made me think deeper about my outlook on life, the things that I am allowing to shape my security, peace and comfort:

  • Are you doing the concrete things in your life regularly because you are living for something bigger than your own personal definition of happiness?
  • Do you live with a deep appreciation for the Lord Jesus Christ and the gift of grace that has fundamentally changed you and the course of your life? Do you work to keep your love and worship of him fresh and new? Do you live with a sense of humble privilege that not only have you been chosen to be a citizen of his kingdom, but his ambassador as well?
  • Are you living that form-and-freedom jazz life that God has called you to? Are you committed to staying within the boundaries of what he has written, yet enjoying the freedom to improvise in the situations and relationships where he has placed you?
  • Are you dissatisfied with the broken world that you live and work in every day? And do you work for its restoration to wholeness in any way you can?
  • Have you allowed yourself to be so busy with work on earth that you do not have time to long for heaven? Or is everything you do done with one eye on the present and one eye on eternity? Are you able to deal with the pain and disappointment of today because you really have embraced the promise of a day when this world and everything in it will be made completely new?
  • Do you hold loosely to your plans, your schedule, your agenda, your expectations? Are you always looking for way to be part of what God is doing wherever you are, no matter how mundane the moment is?

Its a humbling thought to remember that this life is not about me, there is a much bigger thing going on here rather than my own trivial wordly happiness. We were created for transcendence, to be a part of the bigger picture of the Gospel in this world.

Relationships, community; a constant struggle to live in in such a way that is really the true picture of what Christ commanded them to be, but oh so joyful when they do reach that point. But where does life take you when a relationship struggles, when the joy of the relationship is no longer there, but the peace, security and comfort of the friendship is now replaced with hurt and rejection? Remembering the bigger picture is the only way to overcome these feelings, even though the longing for the peace and comfort is still very apparent. Displaying the gospel through the struggles of life is the way to we can become a part of the bigger picture of this universe and keep our thoughts focused on what the important part of this life is: displaying the glory of Christ.


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