iPhone vs. Blackberry

June 12, 2008 at 12:38 am (Uncategorized)

this was on the homepage for wordpress and since i have been trying to decide whether to trade my semi-new blackberry in for the new iphone, i thought it was rather interesting…

I’ve heard technology orgasms from all corners of the internet about the new faster and cheaper iPhone 3G. There seem to be two types of people: Blackberry people and iPhone people. It’s become the Batman vs. Superman match-up of our generation. Who will prevail? Superman with his colorful presentation and flashy entrance or Batman with his practicality and… Qwerty keyboard?

I am a Blackberry girl. Now this could be because I’m a sloppy traditional Negative Nancy who abuses things. I’ll admit, at first glance the iPhone is sexy. Apple has always been top notch when it comes to creating something people will covet. The colors. The sleekness. Not to mention the hip and trendy commercials. You’re not just buying the iPhone. No no, you’re buying status with trendy Apple products. By buying an iPhone, you’ll have your finger on the pulse on all that is awesome, according to them.

I’ll even admit that their “packaging” and marketing of the iPhone makes part of me want it. There is a slight string of drool when I see Apple commercials.

Then I remember there are reasons why I think the whole concept of iPhone is ridiculous. A touch screen is my kryptonite. I can see the fingerprint smudges now. It’ll look more like a colorful drink coaster by the time I finish having my way with it. Not only that, but it’s easily breakable.

It doesn’t have a keyboard; it has an onscreen touch keyboard. I’ll redirect you to the preceding paragraph. In addition, I have pudgy fingers. Pudgy fingers plus a tiny onscreen keyboard… you do the math.

Another fun feature is that iPhone also doubles as your iPod! How innovative! So now, if I lose my iPhone, I’ll also be losing my music player. That’s convenient, isn’t it?

See, in a perfect world, Liz wouldn’t lose things. But this isn’t a perfect world. Gas is at upwards of $4.00 a gallon, children are still starving in Africa, and I lose things of great monetary value. Some people like the idea of having multiple gadgets consolidated into one Uber All Knowing Gadget. Not me. I like my things separate, so that way if I lose one thing, I don’t lose everything. The thought of putting my entire life into an itty bitty device is terrifying.  (I know, this makes me sound like my mother.)

Also, I can mourn the loss of a sexy phone by listening to tragic tunes on my mp3 player… that I didn’t lose.

Another fun fact is the iPhone doesn’t have a removable battery. That’s right kids, you can’t replace your battery. You have to send your phone back to Apple. That means you don’t have your precious phone which “conveniently” doubles as your iPod. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Apple products have always been something of a clusterfuck when it comes to their hardware. Steve Jobs is big on creating pretty streamlined objects, eschewing all practicality.

To further their exclusive image, no iPhones for CDMA users. Verizon, Alltel, Sprint, and the like are the fat kids not picked for dodgeball. And as for T-Mobile, who uses the same technology as AT&T? Apple just doesn’t like you.

Apple has always come across as a sexy well-packaged little cult, forcing its products on you. “Buying a Macbook? Here! Have a free iPod Touch!” I don’t want an iPod Touch. I wanted a computer. Just a computer! “And since you’re downloading iTunes, why don’t you go ahead and download Safari with it?” No! Patrick likes to call them the Scientologists of Technology. “You can only use Mac crap with other Mac crap, and it’s completely frustrating.” This is, however, a topic for another day.

So while all of you “cool kids” are fighting to get your dirty paws on the new iPhone, or are too busy fellating the iPhone you already have, I’ll be awaiting the release of the Blackberry Bold.

Why the Blackberry Bold? Other than the fact that it’s sexy and John Mayer-approved, it has a real keyboard. It has expandable memory. You can put a memory card in it and take out, without Apple getting involved. It has a camera with a flash. I can record video. I can send picture messages. Also, you can’t copy and paste in the iPhone. (Isn’t that like Computer Requirements 101?)

To wrap this up, I’m over the iPhone craze. I have made my choice. I choose Blackberry. I choose Batman.


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