bring restoration…

January 23, 2011 at 11:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I was the first child born in the Tranum family.  My parents named me Haley Roth Tranum and for about 17 years, I was called Haley Roth by most everyone.  As my high school years went on, I grew to dislike my double name and prefer to just be called Haley.  When I went off to college, I declared myself only Haley and from then on, everyone has only known me as Haley Tranum.  (except my mother, she refuses to call me by only Haley.)  My graduation day of high school also started another change of life for me, its the day I made the decision to live my life for Christ.  A new name; a new Savior.  It was a new start.

Since that day, life has not been easy, but it has been different.  I went to college ready to live a life for Christ, quickly met new Christian friends and was involved in RUF and other campus ministries.  I worked at Kanakuk and learned so much about my Savior, discipleship, and a little bit more every year about what He might have in my future.  I also was a wild child at times and did a lot of things that I am still ashamed of today.  I have graduated from college, gotten a Master’s degree, lived on both ends of the United States, traveled to 2 other continents, struggled immensely with daily hits that try to bring me down, forget from time to time what holds my life together, but then at the end of it all, I remember that my Savior gave me a new start so many years ago.

Today at church, we sang “You Bring Restoration.”  This song always reminds me of the goodness of my Savior, but today in particular it hit me in a new way.  Just this past Friday in WyldLife, I spoke on adoption into God’s family that Paul describes in Ephesians 1.  In the past few months, some struggles have come to a culmination and finally, on Thursday night, I was able to be honest with a friend with those struggles.  There is such freedom in confessing struggles, but also the chance of shame taking over.  Friday morning, I woke up with a little of both.  That day, as I prepared for my night and read through Ephesians 1, it wasn’t a time of preparing a talk for my kids, it was my Lord speaking to me, reminding me that He has adopted me into His family, predestined me to be His.  That night, I spoke out of my own brokenness and a reminder that with adoption comes a new name and He had given me that new name so many years before.

As the song says, “He has taken my pain, and called me by a new name.  He has taken my shame, and in it’s place, He has given me joy.”  As I sang these words this morning, I thought about my first 17 years that are filled with some good times and love, but also some hurt, deep wounds, insecurities, pain, shame, and more.  But He has taken that pain and He called by a new name, I am His.  From age 18 on, I was called Haley and from that time on, it was a new start away from all that pain.  He has given me a new name as one of His.  And also from that time on, I have lived a life for Him, but one that I so frequently screw up, one that so often is filled with shame because I know what is right and wrong but I so often choose the wrong way. So often, I live my life for me instead of my Savior.  My shame that presented itself Thursday night is no longer here.  He has taken my shame and turned it into joy.

And just in case I wasn’t getting the picture, today in high school church, we again talked about Ephesians 1:3-10 and then in my high school bible study, we talked about Philippians 1:1-6 where Paul talks about having a confidence that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  I am His, and He will never leave me.  He will not leave my physically and He will not leave me in the pain and shame that I so often choose to remain in, instead of resting in Him.  So thankful that I have a God who relentlessly pursues and doesn’t give up on me when I have a busy work day.  He keeps sending reminders that I am His and he has changed me for Himself, to make more of Himself through my life.

He brings Restoration….to my soul.  He has taken my pain, and called me by a new name.  He has taken my shame, and in it’s place, He gave me joy.  Hallelujah, He makes all things new!


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