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A few weeks ago, I bought a new snowboard in Beaver Creek Colorado.  I picked this board mostly based on price, but also the shape of the board, how it rides, and how it looks. 🙂  I did not, however, notice the name of the style.  Who would have thought that this snowboard would show me something so profound.

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of riding this board for the first time in Keystone Colorado.  It wasn’t until Saturday that I realized the style of the board is Grace, made by Ride Snowboards.  Ironic really, for while I boarded by myself this weekend, with only my thoughts and music to keep me company, the Lord taught me a lot about grace.

Grace, Grace, God’s grace; Grace that will pardon and cleanse within.  Grace, Grace, God’s Grace.  Grace that is greater than all our sin.  No day of my life has passed that has not proved me guilty in His site.  Day in and day out, I mess up, sometimes subtly but sometimes obviously.  My days are filled with a daily war with my temptations that I all too often lose the battle with.

But even deeper, the grace of God was shown to me a long time ago, in the Garden with Adam and Eve.  God gave them one rule:  to not eat of the certain tree.  The penalty of this action would be death.  When Adam and Eve did eat of this tree, they committed a very great sin:  treason, an attempt to overthrow the government.  Their sin wasn’t eating an apple, it was their attempt at becoming their own god. (Genesis 3:5-6)  God didn’t kill them that day, he extended grace to them, but from that day until now, man, including me, has been committing this same sin time and time again.

Grace brought Jesus to the cross.  My sin held him there, but his grace payed the price.  I am ransomed through the blood He shed for me.  By grace I am set free, I am reconciled to mercy and to the cross I must cling.

Riding through the mountains on my snowboard, fully enjoying the beautiful nature of the Rocky Mountains, listening to the songs of Michael Bleecker, having a heart totally in tune with the Lord alone, and being completely controlled by my snowboard called Grace, I saw the Grace of the Lord in a whole new light.

The grace of God is the only reason I am alive, the only reason I have salvation.  He covers my daily sin and guilt with His grace.  He goes ahead of me when I share His Gospel.  He opens ears and hearts and His grace alone saves my kids, I am merely an unneeded servant.  His grace alone is the substance that I need in life, to live the life he has laid out for me.  And if one day He gives me a husband and a family, it will only be out of the extension of His grace.

In John 21, Jesus comes to some of His disciples.  Peter was there, probably very discouraged.  Like Peter, time and time again, I deny my Lord for my own desires and what I think is better.  Here the Lord tells Peter that even though he denied his Lord leading up to the cross, the Lord will use him in a mighty way.  Grace, despite our sin.

There on the cross he bore our sin.  Then imputed righteousness.  And now we stand here justified.  And now we live because He died.


Wonderful Grace of Jesus – greater than all my sin.  How can my tongue describe it?  Taking away my burden, setting my spirit free.  Wonderful grace of Jesus.  Reaches me.  Wonderful grace of Jesus, deeper than the mighty rolling sea.  Higher than the mountain, sparkling like a fountain, all sufficient grace for even me.  Bigger than my sin, greater than my shame.  Oh magnify the precious name of Jesus!

Thank you for your grace!


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